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In the course Spanish/English for children, children will learn Spanish/English in the context of an adventurous story. Studies have shown that learning new languages makes your brain bigger, who wouldn’t want that! But more important, it opens doors to new career opportunities in the future. The learning material is structured around everyday practical themes such as greetings, the calendar, asking for directions, food, family and travel.

This video is also available in English, please choose the English subtitles in the settings of the video.

The course follows the exciting story of the mysterious labyrinth of Brujamonte. By learning Spanish/English well, children (in grades 5, 6 and 7) will help the main characters in the story to defeat the evil witch! Each week, children explore and experience a part of the adventure, followed by exercises in the form of motivating games. Each week ends with a Challenge to win a card, which plays a important role in the course. Children are constantly motivated and challenged to go to the next level and continue the course.

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Our products are crafted with care and love. Spanish/English language course has been developed by LOI (publisher) and Organiq (developer).


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Designed for desktop (HTML5)

Play 20 weeks, 3 days, 30 minutes per session.


An interactive adventure storyline with mini games

Powered by our powerful MIA LCMS

learning through games = better learning

Games: what child does not like them? Research shows that ‘game learning’ is ideal for children to acquire new skills. The Spanish/English course for children has been developed based on this principle. Making mistakes is not a problem, you can just try again. This automatically motivates children to make an extra effort to reach the next level. That way, learning remains fun! In this way, children can look back on their achievements, which is, of course, offers a rewarding experience and is a reward in itself.

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